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before nightfall

Before the nightfall

Acrylic paint, polymer clay, resin
Acrylic Paint, Polymer Clay, Resin
Linen Canvas Linen Canvas

"Love Poems"

my love poem

for me

for you

an admirable idea

a seat of inspiring courage

A true face that I once recognized you

a gallows you made

Thelma and Louise howl in my blood

we are hunted by you

just a little bit, a little bit

My love poems

were for me

were for you

And for an admirable idea of ​​you

An inspirational grit from you

A genuine face of you I once knew

The gallows you built for

Thelma and Louise howling in my veins

And we were hunted by you

but almost, almost


To the bastards of depression and anxiety

( Dedicated to my depression and anxiety bastard)

June 2022