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Dante's journey
Dante's journey

Acrylic paint, polymer clay, salt, resin, pearls, gold leaf, shells
Acrylic Paint, Polymer Clay, Salt, Resin, Gold foils, Pearls
Linen Canvas Linen Canvas


This painting can be touched


"At the starboard"

i let you hold my hand

under your command

lead from you

into that tropical storm

Even if it is the 1191st space year

Even if not after reincarnation

Recognize each other instantly in the amber dawn

I'll still gladly turn my head back for your first salute on the starboard side

Cause I'm never afraid to stumble

fall in love

fell into the abyss

I don't want to be afraid, I just hope to fall again

I let you hold my hand

To command me

To guide me

To steer into that tropical storm

Even it's the year of 10191 AG

Even we could not recognize each other forthright

after the reincarnation at the amber-coloured dawn

I'll still gladly turn my head towards

to your first greetings reclining at the starboard

Because I had no fear of falling

into love

into the abyss

And I will have none as I do it once more

June 2022