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Ross Lorian

Acrylic paint, polymer clay, resin
Acrylic Paint, Polymer Clay, , Resin
Linen Canvas Linen Canvas


Arwen Undómiel, a character from the epic fantasy novel "The Lord of the Rings" by British writer JRR Tolkien. Arwen is the daughter of Lord Elrond of Rivendell and Celebrian, and the granddaughter of Galadriel, the queen of elves. Arwen has the beauty of her ancestor, the elf Lucian, and is known as the evening star in the kingdom of elves.
Arwen, who was born in 241 of the third era, is the only daughter of King Elrond, Princess Evening Star of Rivendell, and has two older brothers—Ilaidan and Elrohor. Her mother, Celebrian, left by boat because of her injury. Middle-earth.
Arwen has lived in her mother's hometown - Roselorian, the Golden Forest for a long time, and is with the clansmen of the matrilineal family; when she returned to Rivendell where her father was, she met Aragorn for the first time in the forest, but later Arwen Gun suppressed his feelings for her because of his mission. Arwen met Aragorn again in Roslorien, the golden forest. Aragorn went to this place to recuperate after going through adventures and tribulations. The two fell in love here and promised each other for life. Also because of falling in love with the emperor, he gave up the immortal life of the elves and chose to stay in Middle-earth.
She wed the Emperor after the War of the Ring; after the death of Aragorn, Arwen left Gondor for Lothlorien, where she rested at last on the hills.
This painting is my version of the golden forest.
My version of the Golden Forest “Lothlórien”.
Arwen lived a year longer before dying herself. She traveled to Lothlórien, both her home and the place she and Aragorn met, while looking for more of her people. Lothlórien was deserted and Arwen died alone of a broken heart.

June 2022