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✨ 經典款式「ROLLING」熱賣中 ✨

✨The 6th Anniversary Series "CARAVAN Desert Brigade" is on the market✨




Acrylic paint, polymer clay, pearls, resin
Acrylic Paint , Polymer Clay, Pearls, Resin
Linen Canvas Linen Canvas


The sun thrives.

Echoing one of Fansheng's most classic accessories , Blooming Tides


laurel will die
in the garden
under shade
also in your name
But your thoughts are no longer on my patio
no body
Your soft, sandy gold carcass
Daphne came to the edge of my cloud-raised bed
Her leafy fingers circle around
In my drowsy consciousness and my scorched chest
It's a cold spring washing the dry throat
"Never stop loving"
she exhorted
the dogma i've always followed
will continue to keep faith
until judgment day
The laurel tree is dying
It's in the garden
It's under the shades
It's behind your name
But your mind did not linger in my patio
neither did your bones and flesh
Your gentle, aureate body
Daphne came to my cloud-borne bedside
Her lush, thriving palms hovered
on my drowsy thoughts and burnt chest
like a crisp spring washed over a parching throat
"Do not ever stop loving."
She told me then
a creed which I have been and will follow
till the judgment day


June 2022