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Tower of Tears on the Larimar Sea

Weepspear Citadel by the Pectolite Sea

acrylic, resin
Acrylic Paint, Resin
Linen Canvas Linen Canvas


In the imagination - Ilya's Tower of Tear Halberd

Cast from strengthened marble and pearls, the 900-foot-high defensive tower rises from the ground. At the same time, it has the attack power of spear throwing. It has stood for thousands of years and has never fallen.

Irja was built by Iri the Protector, the queen and prime priestess of the marine kingdom in Pectolite Sea. By the time when mermaids and mermen didn't found any solid residence since origin. She led her followers to set the foundation of the citadel tower , collecting pearls from the Lake Irensol, forging them with bronze and marble while fighting against the pirates and mercenaries. She lost all her children in the battle, she was in grief but still protected her people successfully by her blazing spear formation in the citadel del, Weepspear, so it was named. The pirates couldn't hold the siege for too long, in the end they retrieved to the sea. Nowadays, it is not only settled with local marine habitats but also traders and refugees from all over the world.

Rising straight from the ground for nine hundred feet, pearl-coated marbles as the defensive fortifications. Besides that, countless javelining platforms and catapults are beneath the eaves at the high end, to strike, to launch spears, to spread the fear —exactly how it was named after the marine formation, and that was used during the battle against pirates. It is unbeatable, it has stood for millennia.


"The Herald"
too painful to let go
Your choice to go away
It is so thick and difficult that I can no longer hold it
But my heart is the hardest
and my rough palm
shattered and rebuilt
my heaviest forging
Firmly repair my blood-stained fortress
Deploy my best troops
Our interlude will be a conditional truce
The archers are ready for battle at any time
when you dare to take another step forward
as long as you get close
My gate, my moat, my domain
if you want to love me again
If my humble and odious wish comes true
I will dwell on the battlements of the walls
Carefully appraise your haughty soul
"Go away!"
I will not make any judgments
But my mentally trained herald
will let you know:
"Die with me
or a duel
or with your treacherous skull
Stand back and flee! "
Too heavy to let go
And the leave you took was even heavier
even harder for me to hold back
Yet my heart is the hardest one
As well as my coarse palms
shattered but reconstructed
My heaviest forging
I will fix my sanguinary fortress with sturdy might
Barricade it with my finest troops
Our interlude shall be a truth with conditions
Archers'd be ready behind
while you dare to march a step closer
If you ever approach
my gate, my moat, my land
If you'd love me again
If my humble, odious wish do come true
I shall carefully inspect your aggressive soul
from my rampart high above
"Go back!"
or “Come back!”
I shall make no decision
But my herald well-trained in mind
Will let you know:
"Die with me,
or a duel,
or take your deceitful skull
stay back and flee!"
June 2022