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Mont Blanc Ring purple taro Montblanc antique bead chain ring

ringUS 5
The snow-capped mountain, Mont Blanc.
The intertwined silk threads look like the squeezed chestnut puree Purée covered on the top of the Montblanc cake. We regenerate the flamboyant old buttons that are gradually forgotten on the old clothes, and become a small plate of miniature sweets between the fingers.

  • Antique German Knotted Silk Satin Buckle Brought Back From Japan
  • Austrian Swarovski Crystal Pearls
  • natural amethyst beads

The non-elastic thread is worn and tied, and the ring circumference is customized according to the size of each customer. Please note or send a private message when placing an order

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※ Bead chain rings cannot completely fit fingers like metal rings, and the error value of ±2mm is within the normal range

Mont Blanc Ring purple taro Montblanc antique bead chain ring