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Zoom Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊
Zoom Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊
Zoom Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊
Zoom Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊
Zoom Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊
Zoom Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊

Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊

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Length 長度
Material 材質

可以隨心所欲搭配吊飾的品牌單品項鍊。可與瓖搭配出多種變化 :)

  • 材質:925純銀
  • 項鍊粗1.5mm
  • 項鍊長度為固定式不可調
  • 有三種長度可選:40公分(16吋)、45 公分 (18吋)、50 公分 (20吋)
  • 售價為一只項鍊

Gold-Plated Jewelry 

All Wild Treasure gold plated jewelry is 100% brass or sterling silver with sterling silver ear posts beneath the real 18K gold plate.  We use a much thicker gold plate than the industry standard, and once the pieces are plated, a protective finish is added to prolong the life of the gold plate. There is no nickel in any of our materials. Our gold-plated jewelry should hold its plating for years if the wearer takes proper care of the piece.

Jewelry Care

  - To prolong the life of your gold plated pieces, we recommend removing your jewelry when doing the following:

  • swimming (chlorine and salt can affect plating over time)
  • showering or washing your hands
  • applying lotions, oils, perfumes, etc.
  • cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals such as alcohol
  • exercising, sweating heavily

  - Do not wipe with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

  - Use an air-tight package to store your gold-plated jewelry.


所有 Wild Treasure 鍍金首飾均使用實心黃銅或925純銀製作主體、925純銀製作耳針,包覆上比一般行業標準更厚的真18K金鍍金層,並添加保護層以延長鍍金層的壽命。 所有素材皆不含鎳。 如妥善照顧,鍍金首飾將能保色多年。


  - 為了維護鍍金首飾的色澤,建議在以下情況時取下首飾:

  • 游泳(泳池的氯和海水裡的鹽份會影響電鍍金層)
  • 淋浴、泡溫泉或洗手
  • 塗抹乳液、油、香水等
  • 清潔,尤其是使用酒精等刺激性化學品
  • 運動,大量出汗

  - 勿使用拭銀布擦拭,以免刮傷鍍金層。

  - 如不配戴時,請收入密封包裝保存。

Dew Drops Necklace 露珠項鍊



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