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The World XXI World Brand Major Arcana Illustration Silk Scarf

$2,838.10 Regular price
colorClay Red Corinth Red
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The World XXI World Brand Major Arcana Illustration Silk Scarf


The twenty-second card (No. 21) and the last card in the Tarot Major Arcana deck is one of the most positive cards in the deck. It usually indicates success and success, and is at an important milestone in life , despite facing adversity, the hard work has paid off, and the body and mind are now trained and rock-solid, ready to take on the next challenge.

Generally, the Weite card is in the center, with a dancing woman holding a scepter in each hand. There are men, flying eagles, lions, and bulls at the four corners. These symbols are used in Christianity as symbols in the Gospels of the Bible. The symbols of the four preachers; astrology interprets these observations as representatives of the natural beings: the lion is the fire sign Leo, the ox is the earth sign Taurus, the eagle is the water sign Scorpio, and man is the Aquarius, also an air sign— The four classic elements are here.

❶ Continuing my drive to study ancient Greek Bronze Age culture, I made this illustration in the style of murals on the ruins of the Minoan civilization on Crete. The woman is wearing a traditional costume with her chest open. The wind area is replaced with the creature that I personally resonate with the most: the steed.

❷ The design of the double scepter is taken from the capitals of Minoan palaces, and is also surrounded by small bay leaf flowers.

❸ The color configuration is selfishly jumping time and space to Corinth (Corinth) in 700 BC, their most famous black painted pottery, painting black outlines on the red background of clay clay; a century later gradually spread to Attica, Sparta, Athens and the eastern part of the Greek peninsula, etc.

On the day of World Women's Day, I finally launched this long-prepared silk scarf. It is an object that I have experienced heartbreak and slowly rebuilding since half a year ago. Now I have received and grown along the way. Glory to you too.

“Only by loving your whole journey, with all its heartaches, setbacks, and disappointments, will you be able to see the whole picture.”

- A square scarf, about 65x65 cm in length and width
- 100% silk twill satin - Hand-rolled, not machine-applied finish - To clean, use a mild cleaner, dry clean or hand wash, and dry in the shade - Iron on low heat, with a separate layer recommended other fabric protection

The World XXI World Brand Major Arcana Illustration Silk Scarf

$2,838.10 Regular price