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註 冊 會 員 並 輸 入「 HELLOTHRIVE 」可 享 首 購 禮 NTD. 100 折 價 優 惠

Shards of the Heart 夢迴殘片耳飾

樣式 Type316L 西德鋼抗敏耳針圈 3116 Stainless Steel Pin Hoop








I can't find any maritime memories where you don't exist. 

My tear gland is a mangrove forest crawling across the sandbar of the estuary, but my heart is as vast as an ocean, and the narwhal's led me to a black seabed, where there is a crack that can be entered by a sole person, and I slowly dived, finally landed on the deck of the massive iron ship that sank in the year of 1912, I found Rose Dawson’s first-class cabin, and pulled out a piece of memory blade-shards from the heart. When it left my chest, it radiated with an aquamarine glitter and shielded the surrounded bloodshot. I put the shard in her jewellery safe.

Just a tiny piece at a time.

Usually I’m unable to memorise directions, but the narwhal will bring me back to here again.


- 長約 4 cm/重量約 22 g(一對)

- 貝殼/淡水珍珠/日本玻璃珠/黃銅鍍18k真金線/西德鋼耳針圈或耳夾
- 成雙販售
- 台灣設計製造

Shards of the Heart 夢迴殘片耳飾



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