What is IRJA

Irja is an ancient trading city located in the Fawny Oasis, which thrives on the cape of Pectolite Sea, sits at the the point where the River Tinymph joined the Lake Irensol, as its name implies, the vegetation of Fawny Oasis is mostly grown in the very fawnish colours, russet bushes and saffron woods can be seen from the citadel through the main canal, thus spread to the outer facades. Instead of the greenish landscape that should have seen from an oasis, here is utterly coated by a subtle, shimmering golden lustre.

Origin of IRJA

Irja was built by Iri the Protector, the queen and prime priestess of the marine kingdom in Pectolite Sea. By the time when mermaids and mermen didn’t found any solid residence since origin. She led her followers to set the foundation of the citadel tower, collecting pearls from the Lake Irensol, forging them with bronze and marble while fighting against the pirates and mercenaries. She lost all her children in the battle, she was in grief but still protected her people successfully by her blazing spear formation in the citadel, Weepspear, so it was named. The pirates couldn’t hold the siege for too long, in the end they retrieved to the sea. Nowadays, it is not only settled with local marine habitants but also traders and refugees from all over the world. 

Uomph Festival in fall 

When the first week of fall comes, the residents of the Irja would gather to the Omni Central, the biggest arena of the city, they do take part in worshiping marine gods during the four-day rituals. At the dawn of first day, they march to the Fountain Dew at dawn, praying to Iri the Protector for health and fortune, pearl-based crafts are usual offerings, and they have feasts and celebrations until the dusk of the last day, the people go to the Sunset Beacon at the tip of the cape, light up the torch made of topaz, pectolite and pearls, twilight flashes by and the rest is the reflection of moonlight shining upon the entire city.


It is a square architecture mainly built with copper and bronze, there are four gigantic observing windows made with moonstone and pearls surround the four directions in the hall. All the residents are free to do their social activities wherever inside or outside the arena, festivals, arts, bazaars, sports, rallies, tradings and so on, a wide place that people can enjoy leisure life.  


Rising straight from the ground for nine hundreds feet, pearl-coated marbles as the defensive fortifications. Besides that, countless javelining platforms and catapults are beneath the eaves at the high end, to strike, to launch spears, to spread the fear —exactly how it was named after the marine formation, and that was used during the battle against pirates. It is unbeatable, it has stood for millennia.


It is actually the Lake Irensol, but with its nature terrain the lakeside has, it gathers canals, aqueducts to the lake centre, several docks around the complex structure for pearl collecting, mineral panning and livelihood water. The area under the lake is prohibited, there are out bound streams to the sea.


Painted-stairs to the mounds above, another impeccable viewpoint of the city, despite its military use, it does provide marvelous scenario from the cape to the bay, especially the flaming sunset. When beacons aren’t lit, there is a glowing pearl-stela as the guidance for trading ships or caravan from the land.


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