Longest day of the year 

In the Irjarian summer solstice celebration, Meridian Gala is held from the city center to the upland outside the city — it is somewhere people will have the scenario of lower sea horizon from above. Traditions include cookouts, food markets, bonfires, music concerts, and stargazing together with friends or family. And the most important feature of the midsummer in Irja is the seafood.

Food and celebration for life

Well-known for its aquatic products, Pectolite Sea offers scallop, salmon, codfish to the habitants around. The city organizes various cooking events to demonstrate a ceremonial four-course meal to locals and tourists. 

For a much more casual option, there are street food stands everywhere on the Fawny Oasis as well. Many Irjarian youngsters set off their journey to the world on the 11st day after the gala night. 







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