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Asteria's Dream Earrings 夢囈星夜耳飾

NT$ 1,880.00 TWD

Arcadia 寶藏仙境系列・首發・Immotals

Ἀστερία / 為希臘神話中的泰坦女神,掌管星辰、黑夜、夢境和預言。思緒和夢的具象化,在我們心目中,通常都是黯夜星空中的一抹暈白;流沙般的銀箔封在透光的琉璃中,形塑成稍縱即逝的夢囈。

Arcadia 」系列設計靈感來自古希臘神話中伯羅奔尼薩的世外桃源阿卡狄亞。

- 長約 6 cm
- 淡水珍珠/貝殼/義大利琉璃珠/黃銅
- 成雙販售
- 台灣設計製造

THRIVE 繁生為獨立設計工作室,採少量現貨與接單訂製的方式經營。除現貨之外訂單的出貨日為訂購成功後的 14 至 21 個工作天不等,急單或其他特殊需求歡迎提早來函透過客服討論,謝謝您的支持和理解!

We’re an independent jewellery studio based in Taipei, Taiwan, please allow up to 3 weeks maximum turnaround workdays for us to make and ship. If you're in a hurry and need your jewels for a specific date, please let us know right away, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

珍珠、水晶與其他半寶石等天然素材經過揀料、切割、打磨製作後,每顆色澤、形狀或尺寸都會略有差異,天然材料也可能有礦缺隙縫不完美的痕跡,將由工作室配對好隨機出貨,恕不開放挑選;而因手工組裝製作,商品完成後長度可能有 3 mm 以內的尺寸誤差;商品可能因為拍攝時光線或電子顯示螢幕的不同而產生色差,一切以實品為準;以上皆不屬於可退換貨的瑕疵理由範圍,勿以「瑕疵/與自己想像/與商品照不同款」為理由申請退換貨。

Natural materials such as pearls, seashells, crystals, and other semi-precious stones are picked, cut, and polished by hand, the colour, shape or size will be slightly different from each other. These materials may also have imperfections on both of surface and interior. We will do our best to pair the stones and it is not open to the public to choose stones. Please note that for actual colour as displayed on different devices and screens may vary. Macro photography is used to show details but can make items appear larger than their actual size. Kindly check the measurements in the description before the purchase.