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Full and modern BOLD & VOGUE——Interview with goldsmith and jeweler Judy Zeng Jingwen

“Because Judy loves Jewelry.”

Judy studied art and metalworking in Taiwan and New York. She has solid and excellent hand-painted jewelry design and wax carving skills. In 2015, she began to slowly cultivate her personal brand. She opened her name and added the word jewelry. Combining English and English, " Ju welry " , a chain-washing city like BIG APPLE's city that never sleeps , was born.
Try to introduce yourself now with yourself three years from now

Hello everyone in 2026, I am Jingwen Judy, founder of "Ju welry. Jewelry" independent jewelry brand .
" Ju welry. Jewelry " provides original design jewelry combining high-quality copper and silver with various media, as well as high-end custom-made services of precious metals and precious stones. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, we have been strict with details as usual. Thanks to my persistent efforts at the beginning to create me and my studio. Seeing that the brand has embarked on the blueprint of our own weaving since childhood, the sense of accomplishment is not just words can describe.
We know that your design silhouette is usually generous, solid, fashionable and weighty. If you want to compare it to a clothing brand in the fashion industry, which brand do you think Ju welry would be?
Yves Saint Laurent , can be exaggerated and handsome, full of BOSS feeling, but can also switch to a playful and cute route.
The most milestone work since its creation, and why?
"Ladybug", once encountered a bottleneck in 2018. I was in a daze by the window of the studio at home, and accidentally saw a ladybug. I might not pay attention to it normally, but I really wanted to observe it carefully that day, so I went online I checked the meaning of the ladybug, and found that it is a creature that conveys the courage to pursue dreams and endless hope, and represents "good luck". It became my design inspiration, and it really brought me a lot of responses. of.
The inlay method of this earring is very unique. Instead of short prongs, the ore in the middle is covered with a slender metal ball needle. The ball at the end of the ball needle represents the dots on the ladybug. Black agate is used to replace the bright The image of the red ladybug fits Ju welry's usual frankness and classic feeling, and the length of the drape is also the key style of the brand.
What is your favorite moment at work, when you feel in your heart "I was right to start Ju welry"?
Every time I spend a lot of time to complete a new series, start selling it, and then receive the immediate feedback from the face-to-face customers wearing my own work immediately, the most direct and first-hand sharing of excitement and joy will make I strongly feel that all efforts are for naught, the energy of affirmation.
Non-work-related hobbies in your spare time, and why you do them
Watch suspense horror, detective reasoning movies and dramas alone.
When watching this kind of movie, I must concentrate on analyzing the characters and the plot, which allows me to temporarily break away from reality and integrate into a different world. Sometimes it can really bring me a little inspiration, whether it is work or life, and inspire more ideas.
Judy's recommended playlists: "Current", "Dark Glory"
What kind of animal do you feel like and why?
leopard. The exterior impression has a mysterious, patient hunting nature.
After anthropomorphism, he is an individual who is good at observing details, but getting to know him is like having to get along with a big cat.
What are the traits you most admire and dislike most about yourself?
I am prone to lack of self-confidence. When I was young, my sisters were compared by outsiders in terms of "appearance and figure". Therefore, I used to tend to use other methods to obtain other people's affirmation or love; but after adulthood, I have improved a lot, and my tolerance for my own figure has increased. Make yourself happy according to your favorite dressing style.
I like the other side of myself who is straightforward and decisive, rarely hesitates, quick and accurate, and knows what I want.
I heard that your next season's new product will have a colorful gem design. I want to know which color gem is your favorite!
Emerald—a steady blue-green color that also reminds me of my mother.
My mother and I have a good relationship, and we have the kind of fit and respect that we can discuss things on an equal footing.
Which THRIVE work do you like the most?
What do you think THRIVE means to you?
Venus, the goddess of beauty and emotion, is a poetic myth that fascinates me.
Writing/Photography-THRIVE Fansheng