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Mountain Treasure Wild Treasure in the Urban Jungle——Interview with Metalworking Jeweler Mengjie Chen 陈梦洁

“Hidden gem of the urban jungle.”

The industrial design background and jewelry metalworking skills hit it off for Meng Jie. In 2015 , she began to slowly cultivate her personal brand, THRIVE Fansheng met her by mistake when he ran the stall for the first time. Wild Treasure The studio shared with the florist, in an orderly and slightly green atmosphere, is like the thrill of seeing Meng Jie himself on the first day: practical and aesthetically pleasing design products and display styles, a bit shy but firm and humorous conversation.
Try to introduce yourself now with yourself three years from now

Hi everyone, I am Chen Mengjie, the founder and designer of Wild Treasure. I am currently leading this independent studio with a streamlined team, and continue to produce good products with professional quality for everyone. Compared with three years ago, Wild Treasure is now more Efficiency, brand structure is more stable.


Your handmade designs are always simple, versatile and approachable. I am curious assuming that other fashion brands want to cooperate with you today, what kind of look do you expect?

If it is to maintain an independent studio, a joint cooperation method would be an ideal choice.

If Ye Bao was personified, what kind of person would he be? What music do you listen to?

Ye Baohui is a biological woman, and her image should be similar to mine. She is not used to overly flamboyant attire, and she wears casual but delicate styles.

Where was the prototype of Wild Treasure born?

In 2015, at the age of 23, I went to Perth, Australia for a one-year working holiday. At that time, because the balance between work and life was not as smooth as expected, I used the spare time I squeezed out to start hands-on creative experiments, which was also a part of my creative desire. Express channels.

Wild Treasure's first version of the logo seal was custom-made from Melbourne, and then gradually transformed into the current appearance.

A small episode - I have a lot of work experience in the kitchen: I hated the housework of "washing dishes" the most in my comfort zone at home, but during the training of working in the kitchen, I realized that washing dishes is really the most important thing in the restaurant industry. relaxing work! In addition, the skills corresponding to the team have improved. Even if Yebao is still a personal studio, those experiences have more or less profound impact on my overall life.

Which type of creative process do you prefer?

It is a little difficult for me to create something out of nothing, usually because I have a general direction, touch the physical material, then go to the brain for a while, and finally use the drawing to assist, mainly to see it by hand.

The background of university industrial design is helpful for work

It is tireless to explore the possibility of materials. In the past, the manufacturing process of industrial design had to be well set up to properly assemble the finished product; this kind of educational background really made me more experienced in creating brands by hand, whether it is quality control or administrative affairs. organization, efficiency.

  1. The jewelry fixed back card is a collaboration with handmade paper artists. There are random small seeds in the interlayer, and the brand logo is operated by making a stamping counter.
  2. Find an arrangement board for the acrylic manufacturer's special pearl necklace hand-made workshop, so that students can arrange the beads more clearly.

Top three of your own favorite works

Custom-made tourmaline antique watch bracelets - a lot of thought has been devoted to deconstructing antique watches in production, so that the surface becomes a jewelry setting. The semi-customized service can embellish the precious tourmaline pillars selected by customers and become unique light jewelry.

The "Bamboo" series (limited and out of print) co-branded with bamboo craftsman Tsukiko - a creative medium that is different from the previous ones. Bamboo is a material that ordinary consumers can hardly imagine can be made into accessories, but with my specially developed metalworking assistant In the end, it becomes a set of characteristic series with a high degree of completion.

Twisting earrings - the classic design of the C-ring shape, but with the organic shape that Yebao Xinxi is good at, the arc earrings are no longer just a monotonous and common neat style.


THRIVE Fansheng's Top 5 Favorite Wild Treasure Designs!
Lovely Rose Earrings, Amber Light Earrings , ice lake necklace , Classic Rope Hoop Earrings , Spanish sun earrings

Non-work-related hobbies in your spare time, and why do you do them?


I have been learning pole dancing for almost three years. In fact, it is not mainly for dancing but for strengthening the muscles and training the mind; working long hours at the metalworking table is very exhausting. Entering the steel pole classroom is more like I am both intense and relaxed. Put the spiritual time room.

I also love watching videos of how miniature objects are made, such as miniature houses (livable! Not models), doll costumes, etc.

What kind of olfactory feast will Ruo Yebao launch a fragrance?

Fresh and stable herbal and fruity notes: a combination of citrus and cypress.

Which Hogwarts house is Meng Jie a student from?

Hufflepuff Hufflepuff! And my guardian is a mare!

Hufflepuff House emphasizes hard work, patience, integrity and loyalty, so it is regarded as the most tolerant house in Hogwarts, and the house with the fewest dark wizards. (Source: Pottermore)

What are the traits you most admire and dislike most about yourself?

I feel that my creative thinking is not limited to work. I am willing to find new activities to try, and I am not afraid to participate alone. I will be indecisive in stages, but I think many people have this problem, and they can toughen their scalps and survive in stages.

If you don't do your own business in the next life, what kind of career will you want to do?

At present, we are holding an open mind, and we can try different industries, which may be healthy and pure food or green energy industries that have social responsibility and can help people.

Which works of THRIVE Fansheng do you like the most?

Little kingfishers and donuts!

Because of the previous joint names, which styles do you think can be combined with Fansheng's style?

My metalworking skills have been sharpened by the recently launched glass bead flower series, which is a challenge to pure metalworking methods; and Fansheng is good at beading, so the cooperation should also produce non-mainstream small, light and luxurious designs.

Part of the revenue from the Ukrainian Lucky Flower series will be donated to ASU , which is currently helping Ukrainian artists rebuild their homes destroyed by the war.

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If you win the first prize in the invoice, where will your plan go?

I really really want to stay away from the city and build a forest studio. The window is surrounded by plants, so that wild treasures can rest in the wild forest.

Finally, is there anything you want to say to readers and fans?

Don't wear gold-plated products in the bath~Thank you~

Writing/Photography-THRIVE Fansheng