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Creusa's Kingfisher Small Earrings Creusa's Kingfisher Small Earrings

Style Type925 Silver Gold-plated Ear Hook Gold-plated Silver Hook

Arcadia Treasure Wonderland Series・First Release・Immortals

We use metallic light-transmitting blue-green beads to weave and arrange, which is a kingfisher with rich feather scales that is familiar to the river.


Cleusha is a fairy in the freshwater basin. Her mother Gaia bestowed her with slightly curly golden-green long hair. When she was resting, she would lie on the grass and listen to the pulse of the ancient gods. Her hair was scattered on the woodland. As far as the valley, the streams of Arcadia are also golden green, looking at the rising morning sun through a piece of jade, the clarity and purity when the light bursts out.

The design of the "Arcadia" series is inspired by Arcadia, a paradise in the Peloponnese in ancient Greek mythology.

- about 5.5 cm long
- Moonstone/Freshwater Pearl/Shell/Glass Beads/Brass - Sold in pairs - Designed and made in Taiwan

Creusa's Kingfisher Small Earrings Creusa's Kingfisher Small Earrings