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✨ 經典款式「ROLLING」熱賣中 ✨

✨The 6th Anniversary Series "CARAVAN Desert Brigade" is on the market✨

Passeggiata Setting Sun Catwalk Hair Crystal Amber Pearl Earrings

Style Type925 Sterling pin-back

Passeggiata Sunset Catwalk Hair Crystal Amber Pearl Earrings🐈

The golden hair crystals and swaying long pendants that are slightly transparent in the evening light, when walking, there are pearls and flamed glass beads that sway dexterously like a supermodel catwalk. Symmetrical, it ends with a petite square plaque of the brand's floral arches.

Passeggiata means easy stroll in Italian, a mixed texture of La dolce vita + Dolce far niente, usually in the afternoon or evening, and you have to have a Gelato while walking!

✺ Golden hair crystal - enhance immunity, balance and stabilize physiology, and strengthen the energy of each chakra ✺ Natural pearl - calm the nerves, calm the mind, nourish Qi and beautify the face ✺ Black sun stone - enhance self-confidence, strengthen logical thinking and increase popularity

-Length and width about 13 x 1.5 cm

- Sterling Silver Post or 18K Gold Plated Brass Screw Ear Clip - With Clasp, Removable Top and Bottom
- Sold in pairs - Design and manufacture in Taiwan 

Passeggiata Setting Sun Catwalk Hair Crystal Amber Pearl Earrings