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✨ 經典款式「ROLLING」熱賣中 ✨

✨The 6th Anniversary Series "CARAVAN Desert Brigade" is on the market✨

Tides Petals Spray Pendant

Style StyleWide Petals

Tides Petals

The newly developed soft pottery petal pendant series is a replica of the first generation of Blooming Tides in 2018. Each piece is hand-kneaded and baked, with richer outlines and more lively layers!


⚠Attention! This is a pendant and cannot be worn directly on the ear, it can be hung and worn with the following products:

  1. Sculptor veneer: papyrus , emerald , ocher

  2. sun god earrings

  3. The first generation of Blooming Tides (optional single set of jade)

  4. THRIVE custom-made LOGO disc earrings / ear clips

(Click me to watch the demonstration video of pairing with disc earrings)

- The big wave pendant is about 6 cm long
- The small wave pendant is about 8 cm long
- Citrine pendant is about 6.5 cm long
- Belgian clay/natural citrine/freshwater pearl /brass
- Sold in pairs - Design and manufacture in Taiwan


This product is shipped in a simple kraft paper box

If you need a complete gift box packaging or need to give gifts, please purchase a branded gift box

Tides Petals Spray Pendant